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BSM Dance Team Training

Dancers are no different from other athletes in the respect that they still should train with full body compound exercises in a well-rounded program that is complementary to the competitive/performance season they are in or wanting to prepare for.


At Esteem Fit dancers will train using full body movements like squats, lunges, deadlifts, rows, push-ups, etc. Use perfect technique, with the ever-awareness of the compensation-masters that dancers are.


Classes weekly will incorporate

  • Barre exercises

  • Yoga sculpt

  • Resistance bands

  • Gym equipment

  • And more 


Starting the first week we will set goals and establish a program specific to each dancer.  Our staff is incredibly knowledgeable and will focus on each dancers goals and helping them achieve them.  We hope that with proper training this will help in eliminating injuries and helping to improve the dancer in all aspects.  



Sunday January 15th - 1 PM 

Thursday January 19th - 6:45 PM 

Sunday January 22nd - 1 PM 

Sunday February 5th - 1 PM


$65 Unlimited 

$20 Drop In

*Email to drop in or if registering late