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Refunds and Cancellations


User shall bear all costs and expenses associated with or resulting from any Refund. For purpose hereof, “Refund” shall mean a Transactions Cancellation which is initiated by the User and that results in the reimbursement of the Customer of the amounts paid in such Transaction. A Refund of a Transaction shall be subject to the existence of a sufficient balance in the User Payments Account, such that it is possible to offset the refunded amount from Settlement Amounts. In event of an insufficient balance in the User Payments Account, the User shall, at his own account and risk, settle with the Customer the approved Refund. Wix and Processor shall have the right to withhold funds in the User Payments Account and/or deduct the associated Refund amount out of the User Settlement Amounts as required to process and pay Refunds.


Any unworn product can be returned or exchanged within 30 days of purchase. You can exchange your product or request a full refund to the original payment method.


All sessions require a 24 hour cancellation in order for the session to be rescheduled.  Sessions/classes will not be refunded, only credited for a future session or class.


All products must be picked up in-person at the studio. Esteem Fitness is NOT shipping items at this time. 

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